Saying it's so doesn't make it true

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, July 17, 2006

J. Marc Mulkey's letter of July 13, "Setting The Record Clear on Bush," repeats the same tired old doggerel we've been treated to ever since Bush took office. But saying it is so still does not make it so. This truism never seems to have taken root with Bush or his obstinate fans who keep on and on ad nauseum with the same tired old refrain.

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No, our president has still not found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, nor documentation showing Saddam's ties to al-Qaida. And, just about the only people left on Earth who still insist the war in Iraq was necessary are bullheaded Bush apologists. The reason Bush gave for taking us to war was based on WMDs, not to rid the world of a brutal dictator - that was only an added on excuse when the WMDs could not be found. There were and are many other brutal dictators for Bush to choose from. He just happened to pick the one sitting on lots of oil in the Middle East.

Mr. Mulkey's bald statement that the overwhelming majority of the people serving in Iraq right now are supporters of President Bush and their mission must be from his own personal fantasy. Polls of the military there say distinctly otherwise. And it has been well documented that Bush took advantage of his privileged background to avoid Vietnam - not a character defect maybe, but a fact.

Wishing facts away doesn't make them go away either. If that were true, this national catastrophe and nightmare that has befallen the world on George W. Bush's watch would be a bad dream of the past. We can only work towards a future to begin to repair the damages this administration has caused. It may take generations.

Anne Pennington


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