Empire needs to upgrade vocabulary

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, July 17, 2006

I am writing this as a private citizen, not as a member of any committee. As I was raising my children into their adulthood, there was at least one word that I preferred they not use. That word was used in the editorial on Sunday, July 9. However descriptive that word might be, I find it offensive. That word is "puke." One might choose "barf," "vomit," "upchuck," etc., (too mild to describe Pocket Park).

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May I please implore the Empire to upgrade its vocabulary. In addition, 13 years ago, my middle child's first Juneau job was with Parks and Recreation. Her assignment each a.m. was to "clean" Cope Park and Pocket Park. Little has changed. We now have a food cart and no shelter. The inhabitants can now eat and get sunshine.

There are many more than 52 churches and "clubs" in town. If each would donate one week a year to either checking on or upgrading one tiny corner, what miracles could occur? This could be done without socking it to taxpayers, some of whom don't go near downtown in the summer.

Louise Seligmann


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