Four things Sean Parnell should do

Posted: Friday, July 17, 2009

It's great to hear and read the news of the departure of Gov. Sarah Palin and that Sean Parnell will be taking over. I hope that he will bring his own agenda that will parallel that of Alaskans.

First, I hope he brings back the tradition of being sworn in at the state's capital. The people have consistently voted to keep the capital in Juneau, and that's where he should be sworn in.

Second, the people of Alaska were so happy to have their very own governor that they built a Governor's Mansion for the governor to stay in. Every governor has stayed in the mansion except for Palin.

Third, there is also a governor's office in Juneau where he could work out of.

Fourth, it would be great if Parnell could have the offices and workers returned to Juneau. (you know, the ones that have been moved out)

This would be a great start for Sean Parnell as governor. Of course, if he's not going to be doing any of these things it would be much better for the people if he resigns, too.

Albert Judson


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