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Posted: Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Eating your fruits and vegetables just got easier.

Two weeks ago, Alaskan and Proud's Juneau market launched a new campaign to encourage fruit and veggie consumption. Called ``10 a day in Y2K,'' the program offers special sales on produce on each day of the week.

``This is nationwide,'' said Jonathan Cristobal, produce manager at Juneau's A&P. The goal of the Seattle-conceived project, he added, is to encourage ``more people to eat more good products.''

``It's good for the business and it's good for the people,'' he said.

Susan Hennon, registered dietitian, agreed.

``More is better in terms of fresh fruits and vegetables,'' she said. ``There's nothing but good evidence about intake of all kinds of fruits and vegetables.''

Hennon did note that 10 servings a day might be a little much.

``Five a day has been around forever and I think we even at this point have trouble getting people to five,'' she said. ``It's certainly a noble goal.''

And a healthy one. The American Institute of Cancer Research recently reported that eating just five servings of fruit and vegetables a day can lower the risk of cancer by 20 percent.

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