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Posted: Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Killer bear was a dump regular

JUNEAU - A brown bear that killed and partially ate a man at a Southeast campground was accustomed to eating garbage.

George Tullos, 41, of Ketchikan died in the Friday attack at the Run Amuck campground near Hyder, about 75 miles northeast of Ketchikan. The U.S. Forest Service maintains a bear-viewing site about three miles away from the campground.

The 300-pound male bear showed up about 10 days ago and quickly became a problem, eating garbage at the dump near the campground and sometimes scaring locals, said Paul Larkin, who operates the viewing area and also serves as the community's administrator. The night before the attack, the bear drove a group of campers away from their gear and pawed through their supplies.

``This was a bear who was an opportunist, taking advantage of what he could find,'' Larkin said. ``We don't see many bears like this, thank goodness.''

The night before the attack, Larkin and others tried to trap the bear to move it out of town, but the trap didn't work.

Tullos, who was in Hyder for the summer to work at a restaurant, had apparently gone to the secluded area of the campground to sleep, Larkin said. After his body was found Saturday, workers at a nearby sawmill shot the bear at the dump, Larkin said.

Predatory bear attacks are very rare because bears perceive humans as a threat rather than prey, said Bruce Bartley, a spokesman for the state wildlife division. ``Bears typically do not attack someone as dinner,'' Bartley said.

Sitka bear targets farm animals

SITKA - For the second time in four days a brown bear made its way through Sitka city streets to attack domestic animals Monday.

Dave Ross and Molly Jacobson looked out the window of their beachfront home around 5 a.m. to see a bear destroying the chicken coop. At least nine hens and two ducks were killed and three hens were unaccounted for, said Ross. Ross said he fired at the bear, but believes he missed.

Ross said he is ``only 90 percent sure'' it was the same bear that killed two of the family's pet goats early Friday morning. Police responded then, but the bear got away.

Police Lt. Nick Ward said officers are now responding to every bear call. ``This bear in particular has pushed it out to the realm of where he's in big trouble at this point,'' Ward said. ``This bear is on borrowed time.''

Voter registration deadline is Sunday

JUNEAU - The deadline to register to vote in the August primary is Sunday. That is also the deadline to update your registration if you've moved.

Juneau voters can register at the Division of Elections office in the Court Plaza Building at 240 Main St. They can also register at the city clerk's office, the Department of Motor Vehicles and at local libraries.

Applications are also available on the Internet at the division's Web site at Those still must be mailed in; they can't be returned on-line.

The Division of Elections office will be open extra hours this weekend, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and from noon to 4 p.m. Sunday.

The primary election is Aug. 22. Party affiliation changes are the only changes that can be made on Election Day. For more information, call 465-4611 or TDD 465-3020.

Injuries minor from major accident

JUNEAU - The five-vehicle accident in the Mendenhall Valley that sent five to the hospital Saturday afternoon resulted in minor injuries only.

Ranaldo Jose, 53, was treated in the emergency department of Bartlett Regional Hospital for facial pain and released. Cami Sievenpiper, 25, was treated for a neck sprain and released in good condition. Another woman, 26, was treated for about three hours for neck strain and released. Only the drivers' names were released.

Three children were also checked over. A girl, 6, was found to be uninjured. A 1-year-old boy had a bruise. A 2-year-old girl suffered a bump to the head. All were released in good condition, according to Marijo Toner, Bartlett's regional affairs coordinator. No one was admitted to the hospital.

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