Posted: Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Fire kills 3-year-old boy near Fairbanks

FAIRBANKS - A 3-year-old boy died in a fire that burned through the second story of an apartment complex west of Fairbanks on Tuesday night. Passing motorists, neighbors and an Alaska State Trooper tried to save Cameron Lee Gray but were turned back by smoke.

The state fire marshal's office said Wednesday the fire may have been caused by a butane cigarette lighter. The fire originated in the child's bedroom. The boy's mother and two other children escaped the fire without injury.

Trooper Sgt. Dave Drvenkar said the mother, Deven Gray, 23, was downstairs in the two-story, three-bedroom apartment with her 5-year-old son and 2-month-old baby when she heard Cameron screaming upstairs.

"She ran upstairs and opened the bedroom door and heard what she described as a large vacuum and a gust of wind and then flames erupted," Drvenkar said. Gray ran downstairs, called 911 and ran outside yelling for help.

Investigators find Arctic Rose wreckage

ANCHORAGE - Coast Guard investigators have located the sunken fishing vessel Arctic Rose, which went down in the Bering Sea on April 2 with 15 people on board.

Investigators located the sunken boat early this morning about 200 miles northwest of St. Paul Island using a sonar device towed behind the Ocean Explorer, said Capt. Ronald Morris of the Coast Guard Marine Board of Investigation.

An unstaffed submarine with a camera reached the vessel at about 9:30 a.m. and clearly showed the name of the vessel on the hull on monitors in the wheelhouse of the Explorer, a trawler equipped with research equipment.

The Coast Guard sent the robotic camera down after a short memorial ceremony that included dropping a wreath over the Arctic Rose.

"It might give some answers as to what happened, give a little closure to the families," said Steve Toomey, a member of the remote vessel crew.

"Maybe we can do something to prevent it from happening again."

The 92-foot Arctic Rose was found in an area where an oil slick was spotted about 775 miles northwest of Anchorage.

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