Boozer criticism doesn't jibe

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, July 18, 2004

I will save my judgment on Carlos Boozer until I hear his side. What I know now is that there is a lot more evidence that I have seen during his years in Juneau, at Duke, and his behavior after joining the NBA that tells me what is happening now to taint his image does not compute with the facts I know about Carlos. I suspect he is a scapegoat of manipulations of some seasoned money/power-hungry individuals who will spin anything to paint themselves pretty.

Do you suppose it is possible that he may have disagreed with SFX methods, and was about to quit them and they beat him to it?

All I know is that the negatives I am hearing do not sound like the same person who found time for helping others while in Juneau, and who came back to Alaska after hitting it big and did anti-drug commercials to help keep our kids on the right path. He recently found time to give of himself to a Seeds of Peace international camp, which focuses on getting kids from places like Israel and Palestine to play together and learn to go beyond the hate they learn at home. That says more to me than all the rumors being spun in the sports world.

Doris Robbins


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