Voters must pay attention to basics

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, July 18, 2005

When it comes to voting, responsible citizens want to do what's best for Juneau, even if it means paying more in taxes. To coerce responsible voters into voting for a water park we don't need, so we can get critical infrastructure we desperately do need, is wrong.

The Assembly is doing just that for the renewal of the 1 percent sales tax in October. They have combined critical and frivolous projects on one ballot question. This is holding voters hostage and is a callous, irresponsible election tactic.

The valley water park will cost Juneau taxpayers at least $75,000 a month ($900,000 a year) to operate once it's built. Voters should be able to vote that project up or down separately and should not be forced to vote for it just so we can get our sewers, airport and harbors fixed.

We'll never solve the housing problems and be able to keep young families here if we don't pay attention to the basics and hold our Assembly accountable for acting responsibly.

Fred Morino


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