Fishing line possible cause of death

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, July 18, 2006

This spring, a pair of robins made a nest in the maple tree in my front yard. Over the past week or two, I watched a young female robin travel to and from my gardens as she worked tirelessly to feed her brood. Yesterday, I noticed twigs, leaves and unripened seeds from the tree to the ground. Above this litter, what was left of the mother robin was suspended in mid-air on a length of monofilament fishing line. The contents of her body cavity were gone. What follows is supposition, but I believe the robin became entangled in the line on a beach, and, in turn, entangled in the tree when she returned to the nest. Other birds, noticing her struggle to get free were quick to participate in her evisceration. The nest is now silent. And the mother and her young family no longer live in the beautiful tree above the beautiful gardens by the beautiful sea. Please dispose of waste fishing line in a proper manner.

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Jan Van Dort


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