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Posted: Friday, July 18, 2008

I want to thank Barbara Belknap for her June 1 My Turn, "Diane Benson brings experience." Her tireless support of Benson as she makes her second run for U.S. Congress is inspirational. I hope that Belknap's words about empathic leadership changing our democracy for the better will ring true.

I also appreciate Carolyn V. Brown for her July 3 "Register to vote" letter to the editor. What a nice reminder that each of us can make a difference with our vote. Following her advice, I went to the state of Alaska Web site at www.state.ak.us to learn more about voter registration and contacted the Region I Elections Office in Juneau, at 465-3021. These are great sources of information.

July 26 is the registration deadline for the upcoming primary on Aug. 26.

So, just who is running for what office this time around? For an answer to this question, voters can visit Alaska Elections at www.elections.state.ak.us, where links to various candidates' Web sites can also be found.

Belknap and Brown each made the time to encourage others to make an informed vote. Thanks again, so much.

Joni Gill Pico


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