Fix cruise emissions issues for health

Posted: Friday, July 18, 2008

What's up with monitoring the cruise ship smoke emissions this year?

Downtown Juneau seems to be smokier this year than any of the last several and is starting to cause concern for what I'm breathing. I know in the years past there has been an agency that actively monitors cruise ship emissions and has made public the violations occurring in Juneau.

Some of the years this has happened never seemed quite as smoky as this year. What's different this year other than Alaska Electric Light & Power Co. not selling power and enabling them to shut down while in port? Are we still monitoring their air emissions? And if we are, why isn't the level they've been putting out the last few weeks in violation of air emission regulations?

And I'm not saying that we should be selling hydropower, enabling them to shut down while in port either. We saw what happened last year: It ended up as an increased cost to us of having to supplement Juneau's own needs with diesel generation. It's their issue to resolve at their expense not ours and not at an increased risk to our health.

Let's fix this.

Bill Forrest


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