Thanks for working together for healthy watersheds

Posted: Friday, July 18, 2008

The Juneau Watershed Partnership would like to thank Troy Wolfinbarger and the staff of the Juneau Home Depot for participating in its 2008 Vanderbilt Creek Clean-up event.

Home Depot volunteers hauled out more than 150 pounds of trash and recyclables out of the creek on May 15. Not only where they a fun group to work with, they have pledged to work with us in the future to try to improve water quality and salmon habitat in this valuable little salmon stream.

Although Vanderbilt Creek is an impaired water body, due to sediment and debris, the creek is still home to Dolly Varden and coho salmon, among other fisheries. We really appreciate and are grateful to the businesses that are willing to devote time and energy to community service.

Thank you, Home Depot, for being such great volunteers and for stepping up to help keep Juneau streams healthy and full of fish.

Beverly Anderson

Executive director, JuneauWatershed Partnership


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