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Posted: Wednesday, July 19, 2000

Word of Mouth gives readers a forum to express opinions on a variety of issues by telephone. Calls must be limited to one minute and we reserve the right to edit calls for clarity, length and libel. The number to call in 586-4636. Then press 8255 to leave your message.

If the human body has 45 miles of nerves and Juneau only 37 miles of road, it is certainly understandable we'd sooner or later get on one another's nerves. Let's get a road out of Juneau.

Skagway's mayor, John Mielke, said the Klondike Highway to Whitehorse is a necessity for Skagway, but a road from Juneau to Skagway would be a ``convenience.'' If a connection with Juneau is a convenience, ferry service should end in Haines.

I saw a flock of pink flamingos flying south. It looked kind of mystical.

Please bring the flamingos back to Auke Lake. We miss them. They add a little spark to our community.

I'm a local trapper and I sell furs to those ``really gross'' fur shops downtown. I think it's really great that we can harvest something locally, somebody makes something out of it and the money stays in Juneau. (Two callers expressed similar opinions.)

We volunteers of Helping Hands would like to take the opportunity to thank the generosity of the citizens of Juneau for supporting our fund-raising efforts to help the needy in the community.

A thank you to the courageous and unsung little heroes - the Empire delivery boys and girls. Throughout wind and weather they deliver papers to our doorsteps. Thank you for your diligence and my prompt paper delivery. You're just wonderful boys and girls.

Thank you to the people at the post offices who are leaving the phone books they don't need out on the counter so people can take them. I really needed an extra phone book, and it was nice that people hadn't just thrown them in the garbage.

Shame on the person who dumped eight car batteries off of the Eaglecrest road recently. My family and I hauled them out and hurt our backs and we are absolutely disgusted with whoever did that.

Still no paint on Glacier Highway between Switzer and the Twin Lake turnoff for Glacier Highway. The bike lanes, the center lanes, the cross walks, they could use some paint. Let's give it a little attention.

I find it hard to believe that us locals have to fight for a parking spot when it's us that go to the restaurants, go to the tram, and support the businesses.

Let's stop worrying about the tourism - let's start worrying about the health and welfare of our children. How many of you think that we as parents have the right to know what prescription drugs are being given to our children, and if our children are having an abortion?

I took a commercial float plane last week to Taku Lodge. We slowly taxied away from downtown and took off in a very prudent manner. Later, I took a helicopter over the icefield. I was awed by the majesty of the scenery at our back door, which can best be admired from the air. I signed the Peace and Quiet petition, but I'm now solidly against it. The helicopters and floatplanes have been policing themselves lately and I applaud their efforts.

To the person who said that all Peace and Quiet wants is to regulate the tourist industry so they don't have a negative impact on our daily lives - what this group and many others like it need to understand is that they can't regulate every activity in society to optimize their quality of life. What is an improvement in one person's life may be a negative impact in other people's lives.

So the caller has no problem with floatplanes and rescue helicopters making noise - just as long as they don't make noise carrying tourists. Wow.

People who vote yes on the Peace and Quiet Initiative should be given a head tax, assigned by the city, to make up for the funds that the city will lose from the tourist industry.

For those of you who have nothing better to do in your life than to constantly complain about the helicopter noise - you need to stop driving your cars in residential areas, stop letting your kids play outside, stop taking your yearly vacation on the plane, and don't even think about taking a cruise ship anywhere. They may for a brief moment blow their horn and wake you up. Here's a little advice - find a real cause to get worked up about. Or wear ear plugs.

The last time I went to downtown Juneau in January, there were not 123 stores open in all of downtown Juneau.

I support the marriage penalty bill that's going through the Senate now, and shame on Bill Clinton for trying to stop it, or to bribe the Senate into putting through another entitlement with the Medicaid Pharmacy Act.

Sunday's editorial really ticked me off. Inheritance tax taxes what has already been taxed before. What is reckless is finding more entitlements to spend our money on. Why should we work hard and save, only to have the government decide where our savings goes? We should be able to keep what we produce. Five percent of the highest income earners pay over 50 percent of all taxes. Not all people can afford or know how to shelter their savings.

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