No longer a believer

Posted: Friday, July 19, 2002

I used to have a lot of respect for the press, but that has dramatically dropped in the last six weeks when I have seen bias on the part of the media that a year ago I would not have believed! Since June 1 many of us have tried repeatedly to get the Juneau Empire and the Anchorage Daily News to print an honest, truthful story about what was happening to our communities and why it was happening. Truth is obviously something that management at neither paper seems to not understand the definition of as both papers are only concerned with "political correctness."

I for one will never believe anything I happen to read in either paper, nor will I ever spend any money to purchase or advertise in them. It would be impossible to sort through the half truths you guys publish.

At least the Fairbanks News Miner did tell the truth and try to help us by doing articles, editorials, etc. It is too bad you folks running the Juneau Empire and the Anchorage Daily News are so brainwashed and afraid of the truth that you only print what is acceptable to your political party or to the government. I certainly would have thought that you would have more courage than to just be political robots or are you too afraid that the whole truth might make your favorite party look bad?

It is newspapers and management like you that are destroying our country by not telling the people the whole truth, hope you are proud of yourselves! I hope you never face devastation like the residents in these communities faced and then have folks that could help turn their backs on you. Shame on you for your non-action and half-way stories. I hope you continue to sleep well at night!

Karen Hamilton

Central, Alaska

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