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Posted: Friday, July 19, 2002

The Juneau Pride Chorus of daughters, sisters, lovers and grandmothers, under the lively and spirited direction of Leslie Wood, made beautiful music over the Memorial Day weekend at the GALA (Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses) Choruses Western Regional Festival in Seattle. They also performed a few numbers at the Seattle Folklife Festival. They are a chorus that truly emulates the spirit of all GALA choruses, to celebrate the diversity of all peoples through music. It was such a joy to be able to celebrate diversity with this chorus and approximately 25 other choruses and ensembles throughout the weekend.

Juneau and the state of Alaska should be proud to know that this chorus is reaching out to try to make a difference in the world to show that people of all ages, races and sexual orientation can come together and celebrate the diversity and differences we all have and to be able to accept those differences in each other. I'm not sure of their concert schedule, but I would recommend to all your readers to try to catch the next concert this group performs. It is doubtful that you will go away unrewarded.

Ron Barnum

Maple Valley, Wash.

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