Let states decide

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, July 19, 2004

Why does the government have so much power over us as states? Why does the whole country have to say yes or no to gay marriage or abortion or (insert current issue)? Why can't each state decide what is OK in that state? Instead of a bunch of Republican states going into an uproar if homosexuals are allowed to be married everywhere, why not let those states decide yes or no? The country goes back and forth from Republicans and Democrats but the states are more consistent. You might say that this will divide the country even more but it's impossible for America to agree on anything anyway.

And then some might say it's not the government's job to impose morals on us. I agree, but it doesn't work that way in America. So we might as well try and make as many people as happy as we can. If everything is allowed at least half of the country will complain, but if the states vote on whatever and allow or not you know at least half over will be satisfied.

Stuart Ashton


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