State government should give us a break

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, July 19, 2005

"Skinflint" is a term which is fast becoming synonymous with Alaska and how it treats their citizens. Since the state served notice that we must pay to watch the surf roll in and the sun set out at Eagle Beach, I started checking into some other areas where Big Brother has seen fit to dig into our pockets. Most notably was the elimination of the annual pass that one could purchase for the different campgrounds around the state. Also I see there is no discount for seniors. Even the federal government offers a 50 percent discount for campground use under the federal park system. For seniors, this pass is a one time user fee of only $10.

The only vehicles of note parked out at the new Eagle Beach Visitor Center and Park are the big blue and white tour ship buses. The local campgrounds are empty except for a few tenters. The one operated by the Forest Service out at the glacier is void of RV traffic. Lack of road access and the high cost of ferry transportation has all but eliminated the independent RV traveler from Southeast. But we are very lucky that we have the largest fleet of huge buses moving the tour ship population to all points of access throughout our little road system.

It would be very nice and smart, if our benevolent state government would bring back seasonal passes for our camp grounds and/or give our seniors a break. Maybe consider giving them a free pass. Bureaucrats should try to remember our seniors are on fixed incomes and can barely make ends meet now as it is. Maybe put toll gates on all our trails and raise the revenue in a manner that doesn't so adversely affect a group which can least afford it.

Mark Burgoyne


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