The choice between Alt. A and Alt. E

Posted: Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Southeast Alaska Transportation Plan's Alternative A builds on the existing ferry infrastructure and uses boats of the right sizes and capacities to travel over the waters of our archipelago. An archipelago is the intertwining of specific land masses, in the form of islands and the mainland, and contextual waters, which provide the connections via straits and channels between scattered lands. From the dawn of civilization (the the days of the Greeks and Phoenicians), humans have chosen boats to traverse the waters of archipelagos and inland seas.

Why should we retreat now from the wisdom of the ages and build astronomically expensive and barbarically destructive roads across the islands and along the mainland, through and over vertical cliffs and mountains? Especially when we have the level seas to sail upon and a system already in place that only needs support and upgrading to meet our commerce, communication and congregation needs?

In this light, who could possibly, logically support Alternative E, which would bring down all these miscalculations and devastations to disrupt our peaceful existence in an already nearly perfect Southeast Alaska?

Bill Brown


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