Thanks for the Ready 2 Vote registration drive

Posted: Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Juneau School District and the League of Women Voters of Juneau joined forces to sponsor "Ready 2 Vote," a successful voter registration drive for 18-year-olds in late May at Juneau Douglas High School. League volunteers registered 59 new young voters increasing the total number of 18-year-old voters in Juneau to 225, a 35 percent jump.

"Ready 2 Vote" is one of many initiatives intended to educate students for effective citizenship, one of the school district's new five-year goals.

The school district would like to thank the League's Marjorie Menzi for spearheading the registration drive and her fellow League members, Hetty Barthel, Judy Andree and Dr. George Brown for serving as registrars.

Many thanks to Southeast Waffle Company for their donation of a $20 gift card and to Subway of Juneau for donating five sandwich certificates as prizes for a drawing which students could enter whether they registered to vote or not. Congratulations to JDHS student Eric Ashenfelter who won the drawing.

Thanks also to JDHS administrators and staff who helped with logistics and supported the effort, especially Principal Bernie Sorenson, Carol Allain, Lisa Baker and Chris Trollan. We also appreciated the assistance we received from Alaska Division of Elections staff Alyce Houston, Lauri Wilson, Jennifer Katzeek, and Jonathan O'Quinn.

We are very grateful for community support for our students. Making it easy for them to become active voters is an important way to empower them as citizens and we plan to continue "Ready 2 Vote" registration drives this coming school year.

Congratulations to Juneau's 59 new 18-year-old voters who are ready to make their voices heard and their opinions count.

Laury Scandling

Assistant Superintendent, Juneau School District


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