A tribute to the crew of the Taku

Posted: Sunday, July 19, 2009

I recently sailed the inside passage

on a wonderful ship The Taku,

And I want to take a few moments

to tell you about, some of her crew.

First there is Maggie the purser

who saw to our needs all the while,

She likes to cycle when she has time

some chocolate sure makes that girl smile.

Ludy is a busy Chief Steward

he has many things he must do,

He pays attention to the details

as we enjoyed the ride and the view.

The cashier Dan is a seasonal guy

who would like to work the whole year

In the winter he likes to snowboard

he was friendly and smiling, full of good cheer.

Ron makes spectacular salads

to enjoy as we sailed on our way,

We chatted each morning after my walk

he had to work while I got to play.

Manuel, Florintino & Enrique

served entre's that were first rate,

I had to walk some extra laps

to burn up the portions they put on my plate.

Security was handled by a man named Dave

to keep the ship safe and secure

Prevention is the key to success in his job

this keeps him on his toes for sure.

Kathy I learned was new to the ship

like others she wears more than one hat,

She really likes running the gift shop

and she always had time for a chat.

There are many unmentioned who run the show

sincerely I take my hat off to you,

This was my first cruise, one I'll never forget

you are all important parts of an amazing crew.

Jim DeBerge

Carbondale, Colo.

Sailed Juneau to Prince Rupert round-trip June 19-23

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