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Posted: Sunday, July 19, 2009

On behalf of the Juneau Volunteer Marching Band, members and alumni, we would like to thank Juneauites everywhere for their long-time support of our efforts to help celebrate Independence Day in Juneau and Douglas with Concerts and Parades.

2008 was a banner year with old flags and new uniforms but 2009 and Alaska's 50th Anniversary of Statehood was the greatest season yet. Support came from more than 200 local and out-of-town friends. Participation, enthusiasiam, and audiences were unprecedented. We are humbled and gratefully acknowledge the many, many expressions of appreciation received.

Mike Bucy, Peter Anderegg and Michelle Bonnet were tireless and their efforts produced the "Best Musical Unit" in the Juneau Parade. Despite unusually high temperatures, the sound was good and the tempos brisk all the way to the end. A few people who couldn't do the longer Juneau Parade, showed up in Douglas to march with the hardy souls who finished both Parades.

Bea Findlay strutted her finest in a new uniform and got a well-deserved 15 seconds of fame on the "Today Show" on July 6. At age 70, is 2009 really her last Parade? Will a new Baton Twirler take her place? Will there be a band concert in 2010 at the new venue at Sandy Beach?

The answers to those questions, a list of supporters and participants, including those who travelled from afar, information about future events, and how to participate may be found at Send comments and suggestions to or call 789-2552.

Thank you one and all.

Bill Ruddy and Larry Stevens

Co-Founders, Juneau Volunteer Marching Band 1976


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