Thanks for contributing to Salmon-chanted event

Posted: Sunday, July 19, 2009

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Perseverance Theatre, I want to extend sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who helped make "Salmon-chanted Evening" another success. More than $7,000 was brought in that evening - monies that will go a long way to support the Theatre.

High on our lists of "thank you's" is the Thane Ore House - the generosity of George Jefferson and his wife Virginia, and their incredible staff. We also want to thank the team at Alaskan Brewing and Nick (our bartender) - both continue to be an essential part of Salmon-chanted Evening's success.

Our dessert auction raised more than $1,400. Thanks to: Elizabeth Davis, Joan Deering, Micaela Fowler Croteau, Nancy Hemenway, Lauren Hopson, Cindy Johnson, Jennifer Lagundino, Marta Lastufka, Stefani Marnon, Paul McCarthy Andrea Mogil, Stephanie Quigley, Katie Sousa, and Mike Stanley. Thanks to: Ben Franklin, Chan's Thai Kitchen, COSTCO, Helen Phillips/Licensed Massage, Heritage Coffee; Hot Bite; Plant People, Spinning Pig Memphis barbeque, Sweet Dream Café for their red ticket donations.

New this year was the addition of Magical Musical Moments, showcasing previous musical productions. We are so grateful to our director/producer Deborah Smith, accompanist Kim Andrews, sound technician Alysia MacLain, and performers Claire Boily, Ben Brown, Kristi Buerger, Jack Cannon, Ginny Hayes, Jesse Kiehl, Marta Lastufka, Sarah Lewis, Chris & Jeanne Murray, and Beth Weigel.

We would also be remiss were we not to thank those who helped us get the word out: KINY/KSUP, KJNO/KTKU, KTOO-KRNN-KXLL, the Juneau Empire and the Capital City Weekly; along with Heritage Coffee for our "coffee lid promotion" and Capital Copy for printing the stickers!

There was truly a great number of people who made sure the evening the success it was, especially our highly dedicated and hardworking staff - past and present - and board members. Thanks to: Shona Strasser, Elizabeth Davis, Martha McCullough, Jenny and Flordelino Lagundino, Ruth Kostik, Managing Director Jeff Rogers, Artistic Director Art Rotch, along with board members Kate Bowns, Louanne Christian, Sara Raster, and chair Terry Cramer. We also thank former board member Katharine Heumann, for those brightly colored tablecloths, and outgoing board member Sue Koester, who, as always, was highly supportive of Salmon-chanted Evening and brought her usual "entourage" to help ensure its success!

Finally, we had hoped for a great turn-out, but the amount of people who attended was truly beyond all expectation. Thank you to all who came, patiently stood in line, bought red tickets, bid on desserts, and braved the elements (sunshine and warm weather!) to help celebrate thirty years of Perseverance Theatre. We're looking forward to seeing a great "audience" again next year - and, of course, throughout the 31st season of Alaska's premier professional theatre.

Sharon Gaiptman

Board of Directors, Perseverance Theatre


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