Live long enough to vote

Posted: Sunday, July 20, 2003

I probably should update my recommendations to my fellow seniors in the area who have just lost up to $3,000 (or as couples, $6,000) a year from their projected income (i.e. seniors who have just experienced an immediate cut-off of the longevity bonus). I know that I suggested we might try to die off a little faster if it would help. But now it is apparent that this effort would be of little help, since the governor did line-item the entire longevity bonus.

We did receive another letter from the governor, pointing out that if we really did need the money, we shouldn't worry. Because, if we can really prove that we don't have enough money to make it without the bonus, there will be forthcoming a check each month for $120 - for all of 10 months! After that, well, it's up to us to figure out what happens. Wow!

What a relief that must be to all the elderly persons who are just barely making it each month!

Since it won't help the budget situation for us to try to die a little faster, I now recommend that we try to live a little longer - as long as we can, and maybe, at least until the next election!

Bea Shepard


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