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Posted: Sunday, July 20, 2003

CBJ save money? What have you been sniffing? At least, it ought to be spent wisely. How about paving Brotherhood Bridge?

If you do not save it now, three or four groups will assume they can spend it, and then do it.

The city should utilize the money in a way that it will also benefit the rural communities. This windfall was at a cost to the rural communities that could not afford to lose it and who do not have the economic advantages the urban cities of Alaska do. Here are some ideas: Make improvements to the ferry system-access or buildings that are heavily utilized by rural residents; offer free training to rural/urban residents (i.e. computer, police, job, etc.); lower the amount rural residents have to pay for a tax exempt card for a year or so; offer free bus transportation for a month, maybe in March when all the rural communities come to Juneau for the Gold Medal Tournament or in June during Celebration. I realize $184,000 will not go that far but it is certainly a lot for the rural communities.

Spend it on a project that has been approved so the $184,000 will reduce the overall bond issuance. That will eliminate the interest expense for the next 20 years.

The city should save the money and force the school board to realize it's time to take a look at exactly how the school district spends its money.

Spending is easy. Saving takes discipline. We need more discipline.

Is this the money the Republican members of Budget and Audit voted to take away from rural communities? If so, is it even right to be asking this question when the money really belongs to Bush communities? We are hurting with the various cuts, but their situation in more critical.

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