Give electoral power back to the people

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, July 20, 2004

As we wind our way through the summer the presidential election process is becoming more heated as each candidate raises new issues and tries to bash the other to score political points. One issue that will remain unchanged however, is that the citizens of the United States are still unable to directly elect our most powerful politician, the president of the country.

Why do we still have the electoral college system? I am unable to comprehend how we can consider ourselves a democracy, when we don't trust the voters to choose our most important leader. It was only a short four years ago that the presidential candidate who received the most votes was not declared the winner of the race. Was there outrage by the public, or serious efforts by Congress to change the election system? No. The Bush-Gore race was not the first time that the person receiving the fewest votes has become our president and come November, may not be the most recent. Our congressional representatives from Alaska, as well as representatives from other states are content with the present election process. Why? I believe one reason we have declining voter turnout in America is due to the outdated electoral college process. Unless you live in a battleground state, why bother to vote when you know the vote is meaningless.

Its time for a change. Lets give the power to elect our president back where it belongs, to the people of the nation.

Mike Ford


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