Getting ready for a new performing arts center

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, July 20, 2004

We were in China recently and attended music performances in several schools and youth activity centers. The concerts were held in lovely auditoriums in well-equipped buildings. At the end of two of the performances, the host stood up to announce that the auditorium was to be blown up. Not by terrorists before we could leave our seats, but by the government, after student exams the following week. A bigger and better performance center was to be built and would be finished before the school year began again in the fall.

In one of the schools, a whole new wing would be added, with a swimming pool and tennis court besides the full-sized auditorium. The work would be completed in three months. This high school was a magnet arts and science school, where the students were expected to master not only physics, calculus, chemistry, and English, but one or more musical instruments as well.

Guess which country's economy is predicted to be the world leader within 25 years?

Jenifer Shapland


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