Preventing suffering with bike helmets

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I often see young people riding their bikes with no helmets on, not fastened, or helmets dangling from their handle bars. Many young people seem to believe that because they are good riders they don't need helmets, maybe they have convinced their parents of the same logic.

Recently, while my son was riding his bike, the chain came off, the back tire locked up and he was thrown head over heels from his bike. He told me his helmet hit the pavement hard and he could just imagine what that would have been like if it had been his unprotected head. He has a fat lip and several patches of road rash, but that is the extent of his injuries. Instead of spending my evening in the emergency room wondering what type of future my son would face, I took him to a friend's house to spend the night and have fun.

Parents, if you give your child a bike to ride, please include a helmet. Kids, wear your helmets. The next time you are tempted to dangle your helmet from the handlebars, leave it at home because your parents won't see you, or not fasten the straps because it's not cool looking, just think about your head hitting the asphalt and all the pain and suffering that will bring to you and your family.

Karen Doxey


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