Planned Parenthood is appreciated

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Planned Parenthood is needed in Juneau and anywhere that there are women in need of quality health care and family-planning options, and anywhere there are people trying to limit women's access to family planning and quality healthcare options. My personal experience with Planned Parenthood has been positive and profound.

When I was 19, I visited the Planned Parenthood clinic in Bloomington, Ind., with the young woman I was in love with. What began as a search for affordable birth control became my first education and encouragement to make informed and educated choices about my healthcare, and to plan for my future. As young adults, we were very new to making choices on our own.

The professionals at Planned Parenthood thoroughly and patiently guided us not just through our decision-making process concerning our birth-control choices, but helped us with all of our medical needs. Most importantly, they encouraged us to learn about ourselves and about our healthcare choices.

Even though the clinic focused its attention on women's needs, they made me feel welcome, and helped me in more ways than I ever expected they could. When we moved to Anchorage, we received the same kind of health advocacy and services we had come to expect in Indiana.

In a complex social and political environment where people everywhere are intent on imposing their morals and religious attitudes on others, it is essential that there be advocates for women who will work to empower women, their families and communities to make sound healthy responsible choices without interference.


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