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Posted: Wednesday, July 20, 2005

... for all the help on the Fourth

The Friends of the Alaska State Museum would like to thank the following individuals and business for generously providing volunteer time and support on the fourth of July. The Hawaiian barbecue was successful and delicious. We appreciate everyone who joined us on such a beautiful day.

Thank you to chef Kai Augustine; cooking assistants Jon Loring, Kalai Wery, Jovan Haramura, Mel Ferreira, Don Derego, Celeste Derego and Bill Aki; Friends board members and staff, Mike Travis, Dorothy Palmer, Marge Schmiege, Becca Smith, Ben Brown, Suzanne Nedrow and Cyndi Ray; museum employees Kay Shelton, Bruce Kato, Debbie McBride, Lisa Golisek, Mary Irvine, Donna Baron, Paul Gardinier, Eugene Coffin, Martha Crow, Damon Stuebner and Shar Fox; and volunteers Gary Gillette, Marsha Bennett, Bob Rose, Lindsey Kato, Ian Nankervis and Elliot Nankervis.

Renee Hughes, president

Friends of the Alaska State Museum

..for JDHS Class of '75 reunion support

From a list of 290 classmates we were able to contact 124 with e-mail. Sixty-seven classmates and 31 guests enjoyed getting reacquainted the evening of July 2. On behalf of the Juneau-Douglas High School class of 1975 I would like to acknowledge three local business that helped our reunion with generous donations: Alaskan Brewing Company, Breeze-in Grocery and Foodland Super Drug.

Bill Diebels Jr.


... for welcome back

This thank you is overdue, but I'm more informed now about all of the individuals and private enterprises who made my return to Juneau a memory to be treasured forever.

Cancer hit me fast and hard. I'm a parent of a 13 and a 16-year-old. Having had enough time with the State of Alaska, I retired. I raced to Seattle for treatment. A month or so passed and I was allowed to come home and continue chemo treatment here.

I came from the airport straight to my home, only to be greeted by a large number of friends and co-workers. They had their cameras rolling and flashed huge smiles. They had completely remodeled the inside of my home. Major bathroom repair and other decorative surprises were included. I was shocked and overwhelmed with joy.

I had returned in a physically weakened state. Men and women cooked meals and delivered them daily. I am, today, in much better physical condition because of these many folks. I especially want to mention the devotion of the L.D.S. Relief Society Women for their unselfish acts of service to me and my children with those meals. There are many folks, too numerous to thank, who also contributed to the service.

Donations of money and/or supplies for the renovations of my house came from Laura Ottness of Carpet Connection; Mary Grigg's for pillows, lampshades and accessories; Juneau Glass (Mike and Rod Dusenberry who did bathroom remodeling with Chip Morris and Marty Lentz); the Outlet Store for three Bed-in-a-Bag sets; Valley Paint for ten gallons of white interior paint; and Gina and Kalei for my new lamps.

Thanks to the paint crew: Lio and Julie Fenumiai, Ruth, July, Matt Jones, Steve, Natasha Fenumiai, Mike Dusenberry, Tevita Ma'ake, Dewey George, and Ruth's daughters, as well as my son, Cory, for yardwork.

All of these many dear friends are responsible for the emotional and spiritual healing that I've experienced during this physically challenging experience.

With only two chemos done, my giant tumor has shrunk one third in size. I am convinced that my mental state of well-being has everything to do with my having improved so much physically. So are the doctors. Today, after four chemotherapy treatments, the tumor continues to shrink.

I've never felt such an outpouring of love, nor did I realize so many people cared about me and my children here in Juneau.

My thanks must also go to our men's Christain Community, ACTS, to my co-workers at LCCC, and the prayer chain that extends from Fairbanks to the country of Panama. Special thanks to Lio, Julie Ward, Julie Fenumiai and Nancy Massey, "J.R.," Tima and Gail Fenumiai.

I love you all.

Chuck Hansen


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