Who will benefit from a road?

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Posted: Thursday, July 20, 2006

Well, it has begun. A 4-foot-wide swath has been cut from Echo Cove to the Katzehin Flats. And yes, it's true - they plan on paving the beaches. I've walked some of these areas, and they are remote, wild and beautiful - but not for much longer, if this, the least popular administration in the country, has its way.

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Who will benefit from this project? Alaska, of course, and a large mining company that could care less about our road issues as long as it's cheaper for them to operate. There's the Department of Transportation, who gets to use its big machines, and there are some helicopter companies and private contractors making plenty of money as well. Then there are all those pent-up drivers in Juneau who would get to drive a little farther. But at what cost?

Aside from the environmental affects of such a large-scale construction project, we need to recognize that businesses in this state make a lot of money from people coming to view pristine, intact wilderness - even if it's from the deck of a cruise ship or ferry. So let's stop this senseless waste of our money, right now. Let's put our energy into creating a top-notch ferry system instead.

Matthew Champol


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