Professor takes pot shots at business

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, July 20, 2006

Professor Staack suggests "Less overt hypocrisy by private businesses that also live off government in Alaska would also help." I would suggest to the professor (from Finance 101) that the wealth food chain works thus: Human labor creates wealth that is taxed by government, which in turn redistributes that wealth throughout society for the "hoped for" public good, public defense, safety, health, infrastructure creation and maintenance, all of which in turn create a smaller amount of wealth through government jobs, including very well-paid teaching positions at local universities between political appointments.

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The quote above, and indeed most of his opinion piece, reinforces the notion that our institutions of higher learning continue to teach our state's future leaders and voters "government good, business bad." After reading the piece, I take comfort in knowing, as the professor takes pot shots at private business and leaders who both understand and support real wealth creation and distribution, he is aiming up.

Robert Tonkin


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