Fluoride affects more than just teeth

Posted: Friday, July 20, 2007

Fluoride may be good for teeth, but what is the advantage of it in my toilet? Will it help my skin in the shower? Do my potatoes or eggs taste better when cooked in it? Does my dog benefit from it? Is my grass greener because of it? Does it make my car shine more or my ice last longer, or perhaps my clothes cleaner and their colors brighter?

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Water goes many more places than just around my teeth, and I doubt it helps my digestion when I swallow it. So shouldn't water be clean, and fluoride targeted only at teeth?

The fact is that if the people opt for fluoridation, it will be forced on me, and I do not want it. Instead, those who do want it should just add it to their own water.

My parents were not asked when fluoride was added to water supplies when I was a kid. Election or no election, fluoride should be kept out, and anyone who wants it can take it themselves. I will worry about my child's dental health.

Kyle Lamson


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