'Stupid' laws restrict civil liberties of adults

Posted: Friday, July 20, 2007

I have lived in 11 different states, and as the years pass by, more stupid laws get passed.

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In parts of St. Louis, Mo., there is a helmet law for riding bicycles - for adults. This annoyed me immensely. I rode my bicycle without a helmet and saw no repercussions. I did not, however, run into the police on a regular basis.

When I lived in Connecticut, you could ride a motorcycle without a helmet. This was possible because of the efforts of Donald "Pappy" Pittsley, who helped repeal the state's helmet law in the 1970s. He died of a heart attack in 1975. To this day, thousands of motorcyclists gather together and ride Pappy's Run every year as an affirmation of one's right to do as we see fit as informed adults.

Too many of our civil liberties are being taken from us every year because elected officials believe they know better what is safe and right for us. On almost all issues I am certain I am a better judge of what is good for me than these people who have decided they have the right to judge what is best for the masses. They don't know anything about me or my practices.

In California, they have a system in which they put many of these bills on a ballot. Anyone who has the time to go down and register to vote can have their beliefs put into the beast and make at least a small difference. This may be a way to help people feel that their voice is being heard.

Mike Halley

Jualin Mine

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