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Posted: Friday, July 21, 2000

It would be helpful and probably legal if CBJ or whoever is involved would paint or repaint the white lines in front of the Federal Building. There's no crosswalk marked, there's lots of children there, and I know you can get ticketed if you park there, but they're not visible.

Skagway's mayor, John Mielke, said on KINY's Capitol Chat on Monday that a road out of Skagway is a necessity, but a road out of Juneau is only convenience. His arrogance in passing judgment on Juneau is disgusting.

The state has screwed up fisheries in general by not following its own credo of sustained yield. It's not a disaster, it's poor planning.

It's too bad there's already a wine country in California, because after reading the Word of Mouth column for the last couple of days, Juneau definitely qualifies as a whine country.

In my opinion, the only people who would have plastic pink flamingos in their yard are people who are too lazy to train real ones to stand there.

To the person that thinks that ``cheap plastic pink colored flamingos'' are an insulting eyesore - if he would just look 180 degrees in the other direction, he'd get a beautiful view of Auke Lake and have his nice rustic natural landscape right there in front of him.

Hallelujah! Thank goodness the flamingo thieves left us a mama and a papa flamingo, because they've presented us with a lovely large pink egg which will hatch soon, I hope.

Since noise doesn't bother anyone and we're going to be wearing ear plugs anyway, I'd like to suggest that we put the shooting range downtown on the old mine property. Save us all a drive and make things easier.

That's the kind of community I want to live in. One where we have to wear ear plugs. That way we can all optimize our quality of life.

I am so sick of this community's negativity toward the rest of the community's concern about noise and tourism regulation that I've decided to just take the muffler off my car and drive around the valley at 11 or 12 at night.

Despite what Juneau's developmentalists proclaim, helicopter noise has been excessive and highly offensive this summer on a number of local trails, especially the trail from Sunny Point up Thunder Mountain and Heinztleman Ridge. It is hard to imagine how folks can be so inconsiderate of other people's peace and quiet just to line their own pockets.

I would just like to ask everyone why we are concerned with running as many people as we can through Juneau. Where's the pride in that? Big deal that a million people go through San Francisco Bay a month. Why is that such a wonderful thing?

The flightseeing operators are totally out of step with what's going on in Juneau. They want 40,000 flights. They have permits for that many and that's what they're going to go for. That's just way too many. I think they've done a little bit better with noise this year, but there's too many flights.

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