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Posted: Sunday, July 21, 2002

A large box of books on tape and CD arrived this week - here are just a few titles on tape! Look for books on CD next week.

• "Mars and Venus in the Workplace," by John Gray, read by George Guidall. Known for his work helping men and women learn to make themselves understood to each other despite differences in gender communication styles, Gray turns his attention to the workplace. By minimizing misunderstandings, productivity, teamwork and trust can be increased. Gray gives many concrete examples, making this an excellent handbook for those wishing to improve their work environment. (unabridged)

• "My Life as My Self," by Alice Walker, read by the author. In this thought-provoking interview, Walker addresses oppression, ancestral roots, and the way creativity frees the self. Includes eight original poems. (unabridged)

• "Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster," by Peggy Huddleston, read by the author. This tape will teach you to use various visualization and meditation techniques to help you feel calmer before surgery, reduce pain, and speed your post-surgery recovery. Also applicable for those undergoing chemotherapy and suffering from chronic pain. This accompanies a book by the same title.

• "Rush Home Road," by Lori Lansens, read by Ruby Dee. Addy Shadd grew up in a small town in Canada settled by fugitive slaves in the 1800s, and now, after many years absence, she is making the journey home again. The impetus is 5-year old Sharla, an abandoned child Addy has taken in, who is curious and thoughtful and has helped Addy remember the good things in her life instead of just the bad. (abridged)

• "Bird's-Eye View," by J.F. Freedman, read by Tom Stechschulte. When ex-professor Fritz Tullis looks through his telephoto lens, he expects to see birds, and usually he does. But one morning, he is witness to a gunfight on a landing strip across the bay from his house instead, and it spells the end of his loner lifestyle as he starts investigating what happened and why. (unabridged)

• "Everything's Eventual," by Stephen King, narrated by various readers. Nine stories from King's popular book of the same title are found here in part one (part two hasn't been released yet). Each showcases King's ability to make the most mundane settings and memories creepy and unsettling. A bonus is the story-by-story annotation, where King details the thought or event that served as impetus for each story. (unabridged)

• "The Cat Who..." series, by Lilian Jackson Braun, read by George Guidall. Three new volumes of this popular series are now available. In "The Cat Who Wasn't There," one of the guides leading Qwill's tour of bonny Scotland dies and even though his Siamese cats Koko and Yum Yum are back in the States with a cat sitter, Koko suspects foul play. In "The Cat Who Moved a Mountain," a bitter land feud results in a real estate mogul being pushed over a cliff. Who did it? Only the cats know! And in "The Cat who knew a Cardinal," Qwill's new barn-home harbors the body of an unpopular theater director and Qwill and Koko follow a trail of cardinal red clues to find out why. (unabridged)

• "Outlander" and "Drums of Autumn" by Diana Gabaldon, read by Davina Porter, have both arrived on audio tape. These are two parts of the historical series featuring Claire Randall, a nurse in Scotland in World War II, who is catapulted back in time to 1743. In "Outlander," she must find a way to survive raiding border clans and return to her husband in 1945. "Drums of Autumn" takes place two books later when Claire's daughter, now twenty, tries to save her parents' lives by walking back into history herself. (unabridged - they are huge!)

Books on CD are coming up next week!

If you'd like to place a hold on any of these titles, call the Juneau Public Library at 586-5249. If you have Internet access, your library card, and a PIN, you may place your own holds by going to our Web site ( and looking at our catalogue. The "In the Stacks" column is now archived! Go to the Juneau Public Libraries' Web site and look for "In the Stacks."

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