Disagrees with School Board

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I am disappointed with the apparent approach of the current Juneau School Board. I attended a moderate-size high school of 2,000 students in the Chicago area and greatly benefited from the diverse course and activity opportunities offered by a school of that size.

The current board seems determined to provide for two small high schools of 700 to 800 students each no matter what, apparently viewing that to be a panacea for the educational ills in this district. Following the last voter go-around, the board is scrambling for whatever justification it can muster.

The latest is that consolidating JDHS and Marie Drake will require a $20 million garage for 400 to 500 students, thereby inflating the costs of that option. As stated by Board member Rhonda Befort: "We will not discourage high school students from driving cars."

Whether a high school is downtown or in the Valley, do we want to encourage/facilitate heavier traffic (and youthful drivers) in the vicinity of elementary schoolchildren? Or is the board again playing with numbers to support its predetermined course of action?

Stephen J. Pearson


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