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Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, July 21, 2004

This letter is a response to Heather Karpstein's letter to the editor printed July 8. Of all of the parades I have watched, this parade was one of the best. If there was anything to be disappointed about it would be the long wait before it started. My favorite part was the person in the George Bush mask. In fact the idea was brilliant I wish I could have thought of it.

The man in the mask holding the sign that said "I think I served," "commit our soldiers cut benefits" had a good point. He was pretty much stating the fact that George Bush was being a coward and hiding from the draft by enlisting in the Air National Guard. He was just reminding us of the fact that George Bush is one of the least American presidents.

George Bush is not trying to protect our freedoms. He instated the U.S Patriot Act. The Patriot Act abolishes our privacy as American citizens. The police can search my house without a warrant. The U.S Constitution says that is illegal under the Fourth Amendment. Do you find it funny that the first missions in Iraq were to defend the oil fields? I thought we were supposed to be ridding Saddam. I thought we were supposed to be finding weapons of mass destruction.

How can you say that "Mr. Mask" can't call himself an American? I think that was a very American thing to do, question authority, and use freedom of speech to its fullest. I don't see why you need to tear this man apart for a joke.

"Mr. Mask," I hope you're reading this letter; consider this letter a handshake from me because you deserve one.

Gabe Meachum


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