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Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, July 21, 2005

I am amazed and appalled that the city of Juneau was not able to come up with some sort of payment plan on a permit for Doug Eberhart. It's obvious that he is trying to better his circumstances by starting his own business.

Certainly, he should abide by all the rules that businesses have in Juneau, but come on now, figure something out. If he had a payment plan, he would be able to begin making money with his idea and then pay on his permit monthly until he is able to pay in full. Give him only so many months.

Imagine, if this were a possibility, maybe more people would begin their own businesses and take control of their lives. In this case, he would be one less homeless person lost to society, and Juneau's tourism would benefit from it too.

Julie Simerick

Manassas, Va.

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