Police have no leads in kayak shooting

Six to 10 shots splash within 10 feet of two kayakers on Saturday

Posted: Thursday, July 21, 2005

Police have no leads to investigate in a report from two kayakers that shots were fired toward them in Bridget Cove on Saturday, Capt. Tom Porter said Wednesday.

"I can understand their concern," he said. "If I believed someone shot at me, I would be concerned too."

The kayakers reported to police that six to 10 shots were fired toward them Saturday afternoon. The shots appeared to splash in the water within 10 feet of them, the kayakers said.

They told officers they then paddled farther from shore. The kayakers, a man and a woman, didn't report seeing anyone with a weapon or any flash from the meadow ashore or from the trees.

"We would encourage anyone with any information to contact us," Porter said.

In addition to the main police line, at 586-0600, people can call Crime Line at 586-4243.

Porter found two previous reports involving kayakers and shots being fired from shore in the last four years.

In June 2004, near Bridget Cove, a person complained about someone firing a gun while kayakers were present. Police arrested no one.

In July 2001, there was a report of someone shooting at kayakers, possibly with a BB gun, in the area of Sandy Beach in Douglas.

In that case, police were provided with a description of the alleged assailants. Police stopped a pickup truck suspected of being involved, but made no arrests.

The kayakers declined to be interviewed by the media unless they were granted anonymity, a condition the Empire would not agree to.

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