Bush is right on Israel's self-defense

Letter to editor

Posted: Friday, July 21, 2006

I commend President Bush on his stand on Israel's right to self-defense. I encourage and stand by Israel in her defensive military operation to destroy Hezbollah rockets and infrastructure in Lebanon and not to succumb to world pressure to impose a false "cease fire," which would protect and strengthen both the Hezbollah and Hamas terror groups. We all should contact our President and representatives, encouraging them to continue their stand with Israel on her fight against terrorism.

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Even though I have not agreed with our president's decision regarding the dividing of the land of Israel and the Road Map, I admire him at this time for his strength and conviction in supporting Israel in her fight against these terror groups while under world pressure. He has shown us that he truly is a man of honor and courage.

As President Bush has mentioned in his speeches many times, we all are in danger as long as we continue to "pacify" and "placate" terrorists, giving in to their demands. We need to continue to support Israel in her fight against these terrorist organizations that only want to destroy her (and all of us) and have no desire for peace. All these terrorist organizations need to be rooted out and dismantled forever for us to achieve world peace.

Debra J. Shervey


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