Binkley's the clear choice for governor

Letter to editor

Posted: Friday, July 21, 2006

After much deliberation, I have decided who I believe would make the best governor for Alaska. Tony Knowles? No. Been there; done that. Sarah Palin? No. Although a formidable candidate, I believe Sarah is in favor of moving the state Legislature to her backyard in the Mat-Su Valley. Gov. Murkowski? No. Although I believe in his philosophy of infrastructure development, his treatment of the senior citizens and the state of Alaska employee's retirement plan tells me his implementation needs too much work.

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That leaves John Binkley, who deserves a yes. Why? One only needs to talk to Mr. Binkley to see that this locally grown Alaskan has nothing but Alaska's best interest at heart. John is for an upgraded marine highway system that will serve all of Alaska's coastal residents. John is for pragmatically developing and upgrading Alaska's infrastructure that will ensure your children and grandchildren will be able to work and live in the state of Alaska, and he is for regulated development of Alaska's resources that will benefit all of Alaskans. These are but a few of the attributes beneficial to Alaska that John Binkley professes; plus, he is plainly a nice guy.

Jody Vick


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