Prince of Wales prevails 8-7 over Petersburg

Juneau West beats Haines 3-2 in six innings on Sunday

Posted: Monday, July 21, 2008

Prince of Wales' Lincoln Isaacs went 3-for-3 and Paul Fredrickson went 4-for-5 in their 8-7 victory over Petersburg on Sunday in the Major Baseball tournament in Juneau.

Hall Anderson / Ketchikan Daily News
Hall Anderson / Ketchikan Daily News

"It was a very good game," said POW coach Ike Isaacs. "It was a tough game. We had to come back several times."

Petersburg scored in the tops of the second and third innings. POW didn't score its first run until the bottom of the third, when Tiris Morgan scored, hit in by Paul Fredrickson.

Petersburg came back in the top of the fourth with another run.

Then POW scored three runs in the bottom of fourth by Lewis Owen, who walked; Alex Vickers, who had a single; and Lincoln Isaac, who doubled into right center.

In the top of the fifth, Petersburg scored four more runs, giving them a 7-4 lead.

POW came back in the bottom of the fifth with Fitch, Owen and Vickers scoring runs to tie the game 7-7.

Finally, with Chris Thorsteinson pitching for Petersburg in the eighth inning, POW had a bases-loaded walk to win the the game.

"Tucker Thane made some good plays in the outfield, and Justin Fitch pitched an excellent game," Isaacs said. "And relief Lewis Owen pitched excellent game.

"We just had some really good defensive plays made by everyone in the team. Nobody got down, nobody quit, nobody gave up in this game," Isaacs added. "I was very happy to see them not give up on themselves. They had to come back from behind at least three times in the game to finally win, which is uncharacteristic. ... This is one of the first teams when I've had a tournament that they didn't (give up on themselves). I was very pleased."

Juneau West 3, Haines 2

Juneau West triumphed 3-2 over Haines in their 6-inning game onSunday. Two of Juneau's runs were made in the first inning.

"It was a very good pitching performance by Curtis Stickler," said Juneau West coach John Grummett. "Curtis went as long as he could go. We had to pull him in fourth, due to pitch count, but he left the game with the lead."

At the end of the game, Todd Baseden came in to shut the door.

According to Grummett, Haines pitcher Justin Swinton did a superb job of keeping Juneau bats in check.

"We had to go to our short game and lay a bunt down to get the winnign run across," Grummett said. "Haines came to play. ... Do to the outstanding coaching of Joe Tompkins and Rory Watt, the kids were able to stay in the game."

Juneau East 8, Sitka 2

Juneau East came out bats blazing and beat Sitka 8-2 on Sunday night at Miller Field.

Kenny Fox led off with a first pitch line drive double to start the game followed by back to back homeruns from Jackson Pavitt and Tal Norvell.

Norvell had two Ks and recorded the win while Collin Ludeman and Pavitt pitched in relief.

Fox went 3-4 with a double and a triple. Norvell went 3-3 with a homerun. Travis Duvernay went 2-3 with a double. Pavitt went 2-3 with a double and a homerun.

Juneau's defense was nearly flawless against Sitka's heavy hitters including Norvell's great catch at the mound, then doubling up the runner at first to end the third inning.

Juneau went on to win 8-2 over Sitka.


Juneau beat Sitka 9-8 on Sunday to win the juniors baseball tournament in Ketchikan. For game highlights and stats, and tournament standings, see Tuesday's sports section.

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