Parents need to parent at parade

Posted: Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I have read and re-read the letter regarding children's safety in the traditional Fourth of July Parade. When I attended my first Juneau parade in 1969 it was the most fun Fourth of July (except for my wedding day) I had ever spent.

In the ensuing years we took our little kids to every parade, then we took our grandchildren to the parade. They got all the candy they wanted, more candy than they needed, and did not get hurt. The parade has always been a highlight in our family.

No one wants to see a tragedy at the parade. However, once again we are trying to make our childrens' safety the responsibility of the government. The parents who bring their children to the parade should keep an eye (and hand if necessary) on them so they will not run out in front of a vehicle. The idea of requiring additional persons in each float to keep my children safe would be insulting to me as a parent. I would think other parents would feel the same way.

Parents need to parent and that includes assuming responsibility for their child's safety. It should not be a part of the float requirements.

Dot Wilson


• Read the letter "Don't let a parade turn into a tragedy."

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