Make sure dogs in pickups are properly restrained

Posted: Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I was driving outbound on Egan at about 12:30 p.m. July 13. Near 2 Mile, I saw, in the distance, a red pickup with a large black dog in the back. The dog either was thrown or jumped out of the pickup. The driver was going probably 55 mph. The dog was on a very long leash and began to be dragged and violently bounced down Egan. It was the most horrible scene I have ever witnessed. The driver kept going. Cars ahead of me forced the pickup to stop. I called 911 and went home to cry uncontrollably.

I later called the police to see what had happened. The pickup wasn't found and no one else called the incident in (even though those other cars put themselves at risk to stop that driver from going further). I didn't have the wherewithal to get a license plate number. I asked what the law is regarding dogs in the back of an open vehicle. I was told that they have to be leashed in with a leash that is short enough that the dog cannot climb on the side (pickup beds are various sizes). I was also told that this wasn't the first incident of such abuse.

You may think this was a tragic accident, but it is against the law, and anyone that doesn't take care of their animal because of stupidity or just not caring is abusive.

So, here is the point of my letter. I never want to see anything like this again. Therefore, if I see an animal in the back of an open pickup that isn't properly restrained, I'm going to take down a license number and report it. I hope everyone reading this will do the same. You never want to see an animal being slammed against the pavement repeatedly, with a long leash fastened tightly around their throat, and you never want a child to see it either. If I can't sleep without nightmares about it, imagine how a child would try to deal with it.

Janet Grange


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