Posted: Sunday, July 22, 2001

Suspect in kayak shooting sought

JUNEAU Someone shot at a kayaker south of Sandy Beach on Friday.

Juneau Police Department officials are asking for help finding two suspects who disappeared into the woods near the last set of pilings south of Sandy Beach.

The kayaker was paddling a half mile south of Sandy Beach at 11 a.m. when two people shot at him from the beach with either a BB gun or a low-caliber weapon. The bullets missed the kayak and the paddler was unhurt.

He said one of the shooters was wearing a white T-shirt and the other had on a red plaid shirt. A hiker in the area saw a white man carrying a rifle walking north toward Sandy Beach. The man was with three white youths.

Other witnesses said the suspects got into a small, white Ford truck on St. Anns and drove off. The police are continuing to investigate and anyone who may have witnessed the incident or has any further information is requested to call 586-0600.

Murkowski gets wish list from oil companies

FAIRBANKS -- Sen. Frank Murkowski said North Slope oil companies have given him a wish list of federal legislation that would help construction of a natural gas pipeline to the Lower 48.

Murkowski, an Alaska Republican, said Friday that he had not yet closely reviewed the proposals yet and wouldn't disclose details.

The only tax-related suggestion was an "accelerated depreciation" schedule, he said. That would allow companies to reduce their federal corporate income taxes early in the pipeline's life.

The more important request, Murkowski said, was that the federal government establish a joint office to coordinate the actions of various agencies.

The challenge is to figure out "how you expedite the permitting process without compromising legitimate concerns over the environment," he said.

The suggested legislation was compiled by BP, Phillips and Exxon, the three largest North Slope operators, Murkowski said. The three companies have launched a $100 million study to determine if construction of a pipeline from the North Slope is feasible. They are looking at two possible routes; one following the Alaska Highway, the other down Canada's Mackenzie River valley.

Murkowski said his impression was that the requests were not "route-specific."

House and Senate leaders are putting together energy packages that will likely come together sometime this fall after Congress returns from its August break.

Murkowski said he asked for the list about six months ago.

Salcha couple arrested in drug bust

FAIRBANKS -- A Salcha couple is under arrest, following a drug raid at their home.

Local drug enforcement agents seized 110 marijuana plants, various growing equipment and a suspected meth lab in boxes from the home of Michael Buzby, 27, and his girlfriend Liann Peryea, 23 early Thursday.

Buzby and Peryea were arrested and charged with unlawful manufacture of marijuana and unlawful gun possession.

Alaska State Trooper Sgt. J.R. Roberts said the plants found in the basement were in various stages of growth.

"Most of them were mature plants" ready to harvest, Roberts said. He described it as a medium-size operation.

Agents also found what they suspect is a methamphetamine lab still in two boxes on the property. Agents will search the contents of the boxes after another warrant is obtained. The original warrant was for a marijuana growing operation only, Roberts said.

More charges may be filed, investigators said.

The statewide drug enforcement unit is made up of officers from the Fairbanks police department, Alaska State Troopers and University of Alaska Fairbanks police department.

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