Nugget stolen, pawned, gone

Posted: Monday, July 22, 2002


eresting article on Juneau's pawn shops. A few years ago we had to deal with one of the pawn shops. We were out of town and when we arrived home we found that our house had been broken into. Later, we discovered our gold nugget was missing. We contacted the police and the pawn shops. When we were contacted by an officer we were told that the nugget had been pawned and the time frame in which they (the pawn shops) hold items had expired and the nugget had been sold. We contacted the pawn shop in question and tried to get the nugget back, only to be told that they do not keep records of sales. The pawn shops do not have our best interests in mind when stolen property has been proven to have been pawned. Somewhere the rules have got to be changed.

Tim Ackerman


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