Don't tax food

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, July 22, 2005

Inflation may not be a problem in the Lower 48, but in Juneau it is running wild.

The increase in water and sewer, the soon-to-come increase in landfill rates, the increase soon to come in power rates along with the massive increase in property values and taxes, leaves me to believe some relief needs to come from a reduction in sales tax rates.

It would be of great benefit for low-income families and people living on fixed income if the city would remove the sales tax on food. As most people in this sector spend every penny they make just to survive, I don't think it would have that great an impact on receipts. The money would still be spent and taxed, but on other things such as clothes or gas, or some people could afford a better diet.

The city manager has stated there was $2 million extra collected last year and instead of creating new spending, I believe it would benefit the community more to remove some of the burden on low-income families, which will not cost the city much in the long run.

Allyn Moore


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