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Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, July 22, 2005

In response to the letter from Rico Tempel urging Dr. Kane and others to choose life, Mr. Tempel forgets that it is exactly a person's right to choose that is the entire point here. He himself is a product of choice he proclaims, as his parents chose to have eight children. I'm one of seven myself.

To raise the specter of emotional damage caused by the choice to abort, while ignoring the fact that there exists the potential of emotional damage regardless of which choice is made, is disingenuous. All aspects of an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy are potentially damaging, emotionally, spiritually, financially and socially.

So often those who are asking us to choose life are really asking us to cede our right to choose at all. The true hogwash here is once again ignoring the basic belief that every woman should have the right to control her own body.

Oh, and although this should have been obvious from the beginning, but perhaps readers have forgotten, Dr. Kane's letter to which Mr. Tempel refers was in regard to contraception, not abortion. Unless it is his belief that women also do not have a right to prevent conception?

Lawrence E . Wright


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