Photo: Taste test

Posted: Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sissi Babich, right, offers chum salmon roe Thursday to visitors at Northern Keta Caviar. They are, from left, Nelly Masson, Lydie Anastassion, Sylvie Cousantier, Kara Winegar and Shannon McCain. A decade ago, Babich drove to Hamburg with her Bavarian husband in a borrowed Volkswagen van to market Alaska salmon roe for her then-burgeoning company, Northern Keta Caviar. The couple persuaded Friedricks, a German retailer, to place an order, and it has remained a loyal customer ever since. A tour of French journalists, organized by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, flew to Juneau to visit the salmon fishery and get a better understanding of the Alaska seafood industry.

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