Outsiders: David Cesar

Posted: Sunday, July 22, 2007

Age: 38.

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Occupation: Maintenance mechanic (taking the summer off).

Favorite outdoor sport: Softball. And I love fishing and hunting.

Favorite outdoor memory: Oh, boy. There are so many. Going to St. James Bay - my brother got a hook in his back. My dad had to pull it out with pliers. (laughs). I like going fishing with my two sons and two daughters. Just hanging with them.

Close call: Tying up a boat on a dock in Sitka when I was 15. Getting knocked out and hanging by my feet from the cables. My dad dragged me out.

Everybody says bears. I've had a lot (of close calls) growing up here. Can you write, "Too many to remember?" Everybody has a close encounter with a bear...

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